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How does your tango background relate to coaching?

Tango is much more than just a dance. Tango is about encounter and connection. Encounter and connection with yourself, with your partner, with all the other couples on the dancefloor, with the community around the world and last but not least with the music. Therefore, tango means personal growth and communication on many levels. Through tango you can learn and raise self-awareness, confidence, connection, self-care, presence, leading & decision making, active following, creativity and so much more.

What certificates do you have?

I achieved my training as an Integral Coach/ Business Coach at the Coaching Center Berlin which is is only training in Germany which is certified by both, the ICF and the DBVC. Other than that I did a special training as Systemic Stress Prevention Trainer at the Systemisches Zentrum (Wispo AG) and a certificate in Rhetorics and Public Speaking at HarvardX. I also hold a M.A. degree in Transdiciplinary Gender Studies and in Modern/ Contemporary History from Humboldt Universtity Berlin.

Do you offer video analysis?

Yes! Video analysis can be a great starting point for bringing your speaking skills to another level. With a detailed analysis you will understand your strengths and find out in which fields it is important to work on. Please get in touch before sending a video and we will talk about your purpose, goals and specific situation. 

How long does a coaching process take?

The duration of a coaching process totally depends on your goals and needs. Sometimes it is enough two have only one or two sessions, sometimes it requires a longer process to come to the desired outcomes. Every coaching process will be tailor-made to your specific situation. Orientation will be your goals and purpose. We will always have an eye on the process and the possibility of making adjustments on the way.

Do you offer workshops for individuals?

Yes, sometimes I do offer workshops for individuals on different topics. The dates will be published on the website. Usually they are booked out rather quickly. To make sure you will not miss anything, just sign up for my newsletter or connect via Linkedin or Xing.

When is your next online course available?

All details for Online Courses will be published on this website. Make sure you will get a spot and sign up for my newsletter or connect on Linkedin or Xing.

Is it true that the content makes only 7% of my speech?

No. This is one of the most misquoted studies in the history of communication. In 1967 the psychologist Albert Mehrabian was doing studies on the relation between content, voice and body language. In short, he suggested that it is about 55% body language, 38% voice and only 7% content, IF what is said is contradictory to how it is said. So to be a successful communicator, content is crucial!