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Stress Prevention

Serenity, wellbeing & mental health
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Effects of Stress

What negative stress can do to you

  • discontent & sadness
  • listlessness and difficulty concentrating
  • restlessness & insomnia
  • emotional imbalances 
  • unhappy private and professional relationships
  • feeling of being stuck
  • physical tension and chronic pain
  • burn out

Manage your stress

How to get out of the hamster wheel

  • Learn and practice to recognise first signs of stress and discomfort
  • Become aware of your reaction patterns
  • Understand what’s behind the negative effects of stress on physical and mental health
  • Learn strategies and techniques to deal with stress on mental, emotional and physical level
  • Learn how to integrate these practices into your life
  • Enjoy the positive outcomes of your journey

Take care of your health

Embodied stress prevention for lasting change

  • Book a certified course or personal coaching
  • Enjoy the effects of higher serenity & resilience
  • Appreciate more wellbeing & contentment


Start to take care of yourself now. 

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