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For Companies & Organisations

I offer interactive trainings that go deep quickly and last. Creating healthy work places goes hand in hand with healthy and motivated employees. Establishing a constructive conflict culture, high level communication skills and pro-active stress management tools will bring your organisation to a new level.

For Individuals

You want to prepare an important presentation, job interview or increase your general presence and confidence? You are looking for a frame in which you can safely work on difficult situations, stress or overwhelming emotions  in your private or professional  life? Private coaching sessions will help you in facing problems and challenges adequately and finding proper ways of dealing with them. 

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a skill that every one can learn. Public Speaking means any situation in which we speak infront of others – digitally or in person. With a systematic approach and precise practice you will become a confident and memorable speaker who can make a difference. The Integral Public Speaking Approach (IPSA) is a holistic frame that will help you mastering the art of confidently and competently speaking infront others.

Successful Communication

Communicate better in conflict situations or job interviews, with your partner and your family, in your team and among your friends. That leads to greater well-being, better cooperation, resilience and health, love and connection. Everyone can improve and refine their communications skills. Just start and design your life and your organization according to your values, strengths, goals and visions.

Stress Management

We all long for greater serenity, wellbeing and contentment. These qualities often seem very far away from life realities. Chronic Stress has become one of the main causes for burn-out, anxiety, depressive episodes, chronic pain and even immune diseases.  Learn how to face hard times, learn how to deal with your stress. Enjoy the positive outcomes and bring back the sparkle into your life.

What is the procedure?

Ressource & Solution Oriented.

1. Preliminary Talk

The first step will be a preliminary talk free of charge in which we will elaborate your needs and goals. We will discuss the perfect approach for your purpose and talk about methods, procedure and possible questions.

2. Coaching/ Training Agreement

Before we will start the actual process we will have an agreement about the procedure, goals, execution, evaluation and billing of the coaching/ training we will agree upon.

3. Trainings: Custom-design (for organizations)

For most trainings there will be a preparation phase in which we customize the process exactly to your needs and purpose. This can contain preliminary consultations with different people and a multi-level design of perfect training formats, content and further procedure – all in close collaboration with you as a customer.

4. Coachings: Entering the Process

During the coaching process we will continuously evaluate the process and keep a close eye on milestones and goals. In case there will be the need to change direction we will adjust the previous agreement according to the situation. This will be done in close collaboration.

5. Evaluation

After the coaching/ training the process will be evaluated to capture achievements and effectiveness. The constant development and refinement of coaching and training methods is naturally of highest concern. If necessary future activities can be outlined at this stage.

Mirjam Hirsch

Mirjam Hirsch is the  founder of the Integral Public Speaking Approach (IPSA). IPSA is a holistic framework which integrates work on presence, confidence, rhetorics and connection in a unique way. 

Mirjam has a background as certified Integral Coach and Business Coach, stress prevention trainer, M.A. Historian and Gender Scientist and on top of that she is an award-winning Tango Dancer. She has nearly 20 years of experience in designing workshops, trainings and coachings in business, cultural and academic environments. This includes hundreds of one-to-one coachings.

Her motor is her passion to empower people to become their most confident selves. Her fuel is her unique background that she uses to design creative, interactive and immersive trainings that unlock change that truly lasts. Her portfolio includes coachings and trainings for companies, organizations and individuals, keynote speeches, train-the-trainer seminars and team coachings.

As a dancer she won several international championships, performed on prestigious stages like Philharmony Berlin and Komische Oper Berlin. As a tango teacher she taught countless workshops of all sizes around the world. 

Working languages: English & German



“I absolutely liked how Mirjam integrated very different demands and needs of our team members into a training format that is inspiring and creative. She creates a space in which the requirements of the moment are taken care of. She is flexible and spontaneous, yet structured and focused. Her energy, her enthusiasm and her working style are truly memorable.”

Madeleine Koalick

Director of Consulting, twentyfifty GmbH. Management Consulting (Berlin)

“Mirjam is an exceptional educator. Full of passion for her clients and deepest know-how she always finds the right angle for each person and group she works with. She had a huge impact on my professional and private life. Highest recommendation!

Prof. Dr. Andrea Allerkamp

Professorin für Literaturwissenschaften, Europa Universität Viadrina (Frankfurt/ Oder)

“Hiring Mirjam Hirsch as a MC for this prestigious festival was the best decision I could have made. Her playfulness and spontaneity brings the most special vibe to the event. We really couldn’t ask for more.

Yuliana Basmajyan

CEO, SCTC (L.A. California)

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